When do I vote?

The general election is on Tuesday, November 5. Polls are open from 6am - 9pm.

Can I vote early?

Early voting will be available for nine days, from Saturday, October 26 - Sunday, November 3rd.
If you want to vote early, go to 401 State Street in Hudson during these times:

  • Sat Oct 26: 9am-2pm

  • Sun Oct 27: Noon-5pm

  • Mon Oct 28: 9am-5pm

  • Tues Oct 29: Noon-8pm

  • Wed Oct 30: Noon-8pm

  • Thurs Oct 31: 9am-5pm

  • Fri Nov 1: 9am-5pm

  • Sat Nov 2: 9am-2pm

  • Sun Nov 3: 9am-2pm

    Who can vote?

    All registered voters in Hudson can vote Kamal for Mayor.

    Not yet registered to vote?
    You can still register to vote through Friday, October 11. Follow this link or contact us at info@kamalforhudson.com for help.

    Where do I vote?

It depends on what ward you live in:

  • 1st Ward, 2nd Ward, and 3rd Ward:  St. Mary's Academy Bldg. 301 Allen Street

  • 4th Ward:  Columbia County Office Bldg. 401 State Street

  • 5th Ward: Hudson Central Fire Station  77 North 7th Street

Not sure what ward you live in? Check out the map below to find out.
Or call the Board of Elections with any questions: (518) 828-3115

How do I vote absentee?

If you’re out of town, you can apply for an absentee ballot:

  • Apply in person: Go to the Board of Elections at 401 State Street during business hours.

  • Apply by mail: Mail this form to Board of Elections, 401 State Street, Hudson NY 12534

  • Contact the team: Email us at info@kamalforhudson.com and we’ll meet with you and help you fill out the application.

What will my ballot look like?

It depends on what ward you live in. See your sample ballot here!

Sample Ballot - 1st Ward

Sample Ballot - 2nd Ward

Sample Ballot - 3rd Ward

Sample Ballot - 4th Ward

Sample Ballot - 5th Ward

See what ward you live in: