My Platform

An Equitable City


I envision a Hudson where there are opportunities for everyone living and growing up here to thrive. When we take care of our most vulnerable, everyone benefits. As mayor, I will build connections - between community members, educational organizations, businesses, and government leaders - so that all residents can benefit from the changes that have come to our city.


Transparent & Inclusive Leadership


I got involved in city government because I wanted to see our city focus on the real issues facing Hudson residents. As mayor, I will reinstate commissioners, and make thoughtful and progressive appointments to city boards (such as HCDPA and Zoning) to help guide Hudson towards an equitable, livable future.


Housing Access & Affordability


The cost of living in Hudson is going up, for homeowners and renters alike. As mayor, I will work with all stakeholders to implement forward-thinking solutions to these challenges, supporting the retention and development of affordable housing, supporting residents facing high rent and high property taxes, and supporting public processes for more fair assessments.


Safe Streets & Improved Public Infrastructure


Our city’s many crumbling sidewalks, lack of crosswalks, and dangerous intersections make pedestrian travel difficult for parents with strollers, people using wheelchairs, and all of us alike. Our thoroughfares are traveled by large trucks. As mayor, I want to prioritize a more walkable, bikeable city, with safe streets that are accessible to all. I will support the improvement of our public parks and waterfront, so our whole city can share in these resources.


Addressing the Opioid Epidemic


We are in the midst of an undeniable crisis of opioid addiction and overdose, and local governments and law enforcement need to address the safety and well-being of all those affected. For the past few years, I’ve worked on both the prevention and recovery side of the opioid epidemic, and I’ve seen firsthand the impact it has on families. There are many individuals and organizations working on the frontlines to address this epidemic, and as a city we need to support these efforts. As mayor, I will promote public health strategies that are proven most effective in saving lives and healing communities.


Employment Opportunities & Workforce Development


Business owners in Hudson say it’s difficult to find people to hire. Meanwhile, many Hudson residents can't find work. As a city, we have to do everything we can to prioritize workforce development as part of all economic development projects. As mayor, I will pursue workforce development funding for Hudson, explore partnerships with job training and placement programs, and build stronger connections between local agencies, training programs, organizations, schools, and local businesses.



Our youth are our most important infrastructure. The present and future of Hudson depends on the health and wellbeing of its children, and whether the young people growing up here experience support and opportunity. Our city must work closely with our school district, support a strong Department of Youth, and foster collaboration among community organizations and caregivers supporting youth and families. As mayor I will directly support the participation and leadership of youth of all ages.

Police & Community Relations


Our small city should feel safe for everyone. I will support Hudson as a sanctuary city. I will focus on improving police-community relations, working with the Hudson Police Department to build trusting relationships with the communities they serve. Community safety also means that we must commit to addressing the root causes of crime and violence, providing economic opportunities for Hudson residents and support for youth and families. Last year, as Police Committee Chair, I worked with our school district and police department to bring Handle with Care to our district, to support children who have experienced trauma or violence. I look forward to building on this successful collaboration.