About Kamal…

I am currently the 1st Ward Alderman on the Hudson Common Council. I chair the Police Committee and the Youth, Education, Seniors & Recreation Committee. As chair, I have successfully facilitated difficult community conversations and pushed for better and more effective services for Hudson residents.

I grew up in Hudson. I graduated from Columbia Greene Community College in 2005, and from SUNY New Paltz in 2007, with degrees in History and Early Childhood Education.

I currently work as Co-Director of the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood, a non-profit organization that supports children growing up in the Hudson City School District. I’m the Coordinator of POPS, a community fatherhood initiative. And I’m a co-host of the Drive Time Radio Show on WGXC: 90.7-FM.

There are many reasons why I’m running for office. Growing up, my family was directly impacted by poverty, addiction, and incarceration. As a kid, I watched my mother work three jobs after coming out of rehab to take care of our family. At fourteen, I took on two jobs, one as a peer educator for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, and a second as a paperboy for the Register-Star, because I wanted to lighten the load at home as I watched my two older brothers go to prison. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today. I know how difficult it is for families to keep a strong core while conflict and challenge seem to loom at every turn. That is my strength and my promise to Hudson: to keep us together as we work towards a safe and livable city for everyone.

I bring a lifetime of experience with the inner-workings of the city and its institutions. I have experience working with state grants, facilitating committee meetings, overseeing organizational budgets, managing staff, and collaborating with people of all ages and backgrounds. During my time in office as a Council Member and as chair of two committees, I’ve put forward resolutions and championed legislation:

  • I worked with our school district and police department to bring Handle with Care to our district, a program to collaboratively support children who have experienced trauma or violence. This program has already received over 50 referrals since it was implemented in November 2018.

  • I worked to support a $15 minimum wage for all city employees.

  • I worked directly with the Director of the Department of Youth to develop and pass a much-needed increase to the department’s budget.

  • I invited community members from the H.O.S.T. Collaborative - a collaborative made up of all the community organizations that provide out-of-school time opportunities for youth in the Hudson City School District - to join the Youth, Education, Seniors & Recreation Committee, to bring important community perspectives and bolster the strategic plan of the Department of Youth.

  • I supported the Police Department with a new program called “Power DMS,” which will update officers with policy-related, procedural, and legal changes and improvements.

I’ve been endorsed by the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF) and the New York Working Families Party (NYWFP). The NYWFP also named me as one of 32 “Progressive Champions” across New York state. Read more about my endorsements here.

To all of my work I bring a sense of level-headedness, an ability to listen across perspectives, and to lead with integrity.

I am also a devoted father to Asia, an amazing 10 year old!